When it comes to steel travellers for long and short staple spinning, the quality and consistency of the steel wire means everything – so that’s why we start there. Our specialty wire, which is produced by Carter Wire Company is drawn to size and annealed in our state-of-the-art furnaces. The wire is then shaped and travellers are formed, heat treated and finished to exact specifications. Our metallurgical lab staff conducts extensive testing on our travellers using the latest equipment, so you can trust that each and every A. B. Carter traveller is built to last and run fast.



Application: High-tech finish with excellent gliding properties designed specifically to improve service life of the traveller (up to 50% longer life). Ideally suited for processing 100% cotton yarns in high speed and compact spinning applications but can be used on other fiber types and yarn counts as well.


GS Series The GS Series delivers a Reduction in the Co – Efficient
of friction resulting in improvements with ring traveller life, Yarn quality and yarn end breakage.
The GS series special finish enhancement provides superior qualities to the ring traveller


Application: Superior raw material is conditioned to withstand cold bending stresses & improve fatigue failure properties. Super Polished to remove surface imperfections & improve consistency in surface finish. Modified processing techniques results in improved consistency of yarn parameters & life of travellers.


Application: Diffused Treated, Specially recommended for Compact Applications!

Auto-Pack Ring Travellers:
To reduce the downtime of Ring Traveller replacement , as well as, minimal Ring Traveller wastage. To avoid Ring Traveller deformation.