Value - Proposition

AB Carter India Pvt. Ltd. manufactures and supplies superior quality, long-lasting travellers and spinning solutions worldwide. We proudly service the textile industry with nearly 100 years of global expertise.

AB Carter India Pvt. Ltd. is dedicated to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations and to form a partnership for continued long-term growth. We are committed to excellence in our products and service to our customers through continuous improvement, adherence to market driven standards, innovation, and the total involvement of all employees.

Vertical Proposition Produced in the United States, our vertical manufacturing structure ensures that our products provide the highest level of quality and consistency, and allows for more innovative customization and added flexibility. For our steel travellers, we have complete control over the manufacturing process, from raw material to finished product. We start with the highest quality wire produced exclusively by Carter Wire Company, which is instrumental in assuring maximum life and performance of the traveller. The wire is drawn down to size, annealed, shaped and then the travellers are formed, heat treated and finished to exact specifications. Our advanced metallurgical lab and innovation center staff conduct extensive testing on our travellers, so you can trust each and every A. B. Carter traveller for the long run.